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x xAttack-Report
Access bans over the domain for DoS attacks: observations, causers and organizers - with a causer adress list of 2014.
x xR12-Central
Vintage bikes BMW 1935-1945 / construction, history, background of time, documents, photos, market, Bosch electrics, components, owners.
x xR71 Report
Marketizing of an illusion: the copies and frauds in a vintage motorbike rarity. Market occurances and comparison clues.   Start page x
x xKeywords on German History
Articles to epochs of German history from early times to modernity - contributions to a portal of 2000-2001.
x xMovie-Report: Private Ryan
Steven Spielbergīs gothic novel as modern war propaganda. With lots of readerīs comments.
x xGalilei Myths
Background of the inquisition trial Galilei, who did not invent the telescope or had discovered the systematics of our planetary system.
x xShroud of Turin
Myths and reality of a Jesus relic: history, research results and discussion arguments.
x xThe Witch-Hunt
Explanations in causes of the malefice justice of Early Modern Times: phases, victims, hunters and the background of society.
x xWitch-Hunt Studies
Working material of the AKIH 2000-2001, beeing an interdisciplinary study group with focus in regional history.
x xkontro-vers Comments
Discovering recent times: zeitgeist and media society - mirrored by news occurances and development of time.
x xBMW Classic Bikes till 1950
News and messages to components and functionality, concepts, restoration, events and market.
x xPOW Newspaper
Digitized issues of a newspaper for and from German POW of WW2 in Britain during Christmas 1946 to August 1947.
x xSepp Depp
Trophy for false informations to history in media productions - samples and corrections by sources.
x xFoto-Design
Image gallery - photography, image journalism, art design and graphics by big scale samples.
x xDNV Publishing
Production program 1993-2002 in contributions to cultural history - publisher, authors, books and reports.
x xRepublic of Weimar
Powers, ideas, developments - comprehensive overview to guiding lines, chancellors and presidents, art, technology, economy and culture.
x xStudy Group Zeitgeiststudien
Topics, contributions and publications in cultural history of Modern Times, available as public domain digital documents.
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